Star Song

United Church of Santa Fe, October 28, 2018, 2 p.m.

United’s Festival Choir sings a special performance of Bradley Ellingboe’s Star Song, set to poetry of Milton, Rilke, Whitman, and texts of Vincent Van Gogh, Hildegard von Bingen, Carl Sagan, Algonquin Native Americans, and others. Singers from United Church of Santa Fe will be joined by singers from the wider community. Star Song also features tenor soloist, Seth Hartwell, and a 7-person chamber ensemble.

Composer Bradley Ellingboe on Star Song: “I wrote Star Song as a way to wrestle with the idea that everything vibrates. Not only sound vibrates, and light vibrates, but so do the atoms that make up the chair you're si5ng in. Or even you yourself. The ancients had the concept of "the music of the spheres." What if our ears could hear light vibrate? What if, as the planets and stars and galaxies spin, they made a hum we could hear? We know they vibrate. What if we could hear it? What would the music of the spheres sound like?”