White Privilege: Let's Talk Series

white privilege discussion image.jpg

At First Church UCC Phoenix, Thursday, September 28, 7 - 8:30 pm

Growing up in America is an exercise in racial disparity. Even those of us who were raised with a healthy and genuine and deep appreciation for all people, regardless of their race, creed or religion, did so in the larger context of a culture committed to racial inequity and disparity. The systemic injustices that perpetuate are a byproduct of the complicity of all whites, even the allies who struggle to free themselves from a legacy of racial hate and white supremacy, and who remain the beneficiaries of privilege afforded them because they are white. 

Knowledge and participation in a transformational dialogue creates a road to enlightenment and eventually self-healing and communal healing.

This is a weekly event that will recur every Thursday through October 19th. Each week is an independent discussion that will continue throughout the series and you are welcome to come to one or as many of the weekly discussions as you are able!