Dorhauer Authors Foreword to Investigative Article on Religious Liberty

United Church of Christ General Minister and President the Rev. John Dorhauer has
written the foreword to a major article on religious liberty in our country that investigates
how the religious right in America - evangelical Protestant Christians and U.S. Roman
Catholic bishops - is using the term "religious freedom" to infringe on people's civil rights.
...Dorhauer writes that progressive faith communities can't allow American Christianity to
be hijacked. "We can't allow the Religious Right to twist the meaning of religious liberty to
the point that it becomes the means by which their theocratic vision is finally and fully
realized," he writes. "For decades now, they have fought to erode or redefine the very
freedoms the Constitution was written to protect. It would be unwise of us to either turn a
blind eye to their machinations or to dismiss the ongoing effectiveness of their efforts."
Read the full article here.