News from the Churches

Tucson Marshallese Ministries

Pastor Mack Aikwij is in need of a vehicle.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Please email Carlson Takiah at for information or to make a donation.


Silver City, UCC

Silver City UCC will host a special Open House, on 12/27/15 from 2-4 pm at the Silver City Women's Club.  This event is to commemorate our time with our spiritual leader, Rev. Tyler Connoley, our founding pastor, to say goodbye, or perhaps aloha...til we meet again.


Let us come together in celebration of the man who said yes when his community called him to step into leadership. Let us celebrate how we have all grown and been blessed by the process of building Silver City UCC with him.  


The Good Shepherd UCC, Sahuarita

The Good Shepherd UCC is hosting the 12th Annual Border Issues Fair & Concert, 
Friday & Saturday, January 15 & 16, 2016.  The concert features Lance Canales and the Flood, Friday, January 15, at 7 PM.  Tickets are $20, and for ticket availability, call 520-625-1375.  The Border Issues Fair will take place on Saturday, January 16, 8 AM-12:30 PM; attend for a $10 donation.


The Good Shepherd UCC, Sahuarita, will also host a weekend seminar with the noted Biblical scholar and writer John Dominic Crossan, Feb. 19-20, 2016.  The theme for the seminar is "The Power of Parable: How Parables by Jesus became Parables about Jesus."  Click here for registration info.


First Congregational Church, Albuquerque

Family Promise presented a plaque to First Congregational UCC that says: "Thank you for hosting Family Promise of ABQ for 12 years. Together, we sheltered 273 families and 1200 individuals (412 parents and 788 children). You have changed their future!"


First Congregational Church is participating in the Youth Group Epiphany Project. Albuquerque Public Schools currently has over 3,000 students who are homeless. There are many families in the community that don't have a lot of the things that most students have. First Congregational's Youth Group is creating "Jet Kits" for Jefferson Middle School students. They will be putting together the Jet Kits in early January at an Epiphany Party with the youth groups from Monte Vista Christian and the Mennonite Churches. Items for the Jet Kits may include hygiene items, socks, chapstick, hair ties, and hand sanitizer.


First Congregational UCC, Phoenix

Join First Congregation United Church of Christ for our new monthly "First at First" event sponsored by the Southwest Conference!  Fridays in Phoenix are a great opportunity to check out all the amazing artists, musicians, and vendors in the Valley of the Sun! We're collaborating with community artists, musicians, and vendors to put on our very own version of "First Friday" at First Church!  This event is FREE and open to ALL!


First Congregational is also hosting a special showing a film from PBS that will help viewers understand the autism spectrum and individuals living with autism and their perspective and search for love, "Autism in Love," on January 7th at 6:00 pm.  It is a beautiful movie and First Congregational is partnering with ASU Project Humanities.  The showing is also sponsored by SW Conference Widening the Welcome Team. 


Four adults at different places on the autism  spectrum open up their personal lives as they navigate dating and romantic  relationships. Eye-opening, first-person portrayals show that despite many  challenges faced by those with autism, love can find a way. Join us for  this special preview of the PBS documentary followed by a panel discussion.
View the trailer:

Click here for the flyer.


First Christian Church, Las Cruces

First Christian Church in Las Cruces is participating in the Carry the Future campaign to collect soft baby carriers (like ErgoBaby and Baby Bjorn) for Syrian refugees. They're collecting through December 20th. 


If you'd like to participate, send slightly-used or new baby carriers to First Christian so they can be sent where they need to go. You can also give money to the cause.


You can learn more about the First Christian project here:


You can learn more about Carry the Future here:


Church of the Painted Hills, Tucson  

Church of the Painted Hills shared this story:  The Marshall Islands Are Disappearing

This is the title of the article that appeared in the December 2nd New York Times. For us at CPH and for our sister congregation, Marshallese Ministries, this disappearance brings Climate Change close to home. Click here for the article:


Shadow Rock, Phoenix

Shadow Rock is collecting ELECTRONICS RECYCLING, working with ARIZONA StRUT, collecting "not needed any longer" electronics.

A donation of used electronics will...
1) Create more space in your home
2) Help young people learn a trade
3) Help schools get needed equipment and

Arizona StRUT is a 501 3 c (non-profit) organization. Visit their web site at www.azstrut.orgfor more information about their mission and the work they do.