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e-Giving for Churches

UCCe-giving is the automated giving program of the United Church of Christ designed to make it easy for givers to give.

UCC e-Giving Resources [Link]


United Churches Insurance Board

The Insurance Board is a non-profit corporation established by the participating Conferences of the United Church of Christ. We administer a property and liability insurance program serving churches and related entities within three denominations: UCC, DOC, and Presbyterian Church (USA) churches and related entities. The coverages are unsurpassed in the marketplace and the IB is considered a model not-for-profit entity.

United Churches Insurance Board [Link]


Pension Boards United Church of Christ

The Pension Boards administers comprehensive employee benefits programs for the United Church of Christ, providing the highest standards of service, access and options to active and retired UCC clergy and lay employees.

Pension Boards UCC [Link]


United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund

Established in 1995, the Cornerstone Fund was created to offer loans to local churches and other organizations related to the United Church of Christ for virtually any property-related project – from repairing or remodeling an existing structure to acquiring additional land or building a new sanctuary. The Cornerstone Fund offers interest-bearing investments to UCC churches and members – and that principal is used in turn to fund loans to other churches and organizations.

UCC Cornerstone Fund [Link]


National Office Revises its Capital Campaign Service Fee Structure 

Church Building and Loan Fund (CBLF), a national UCC entity that offers low-interest loans to newer (30 years or younger) and renewing churches, also offers management/consulting services to churches conducting Capital Campaigns. The Rev. Priscilla Bizer is the consultant assigned to the western half of the US from CBLF. In order to adhere to CBLF’s new “mission based” lending guidelines, the Capital Campaign Services (CCS) group has revised its fee structure to include a mission component. Churches may choose which fee structure to use when they contract with CCS. Under the current structure, churches are charged a fee of 12 % of non-designated annual income which is paid over the course of the campaign. Under the new fee structure, the fee is 10% of the annual non-designated income, however, of that, 70% is designated to a variety of missional entities and 30% is taken as a fee to cover CCS expenses.

If your church is contemplating a Capital Campaign in the next year or two, please consider using CCS as your campaign consultant.

As an aside, Rev. Bizer just concluded a Capital Campaign for Desert Palm UCC in Tempe. Desert Palm wanted to raise funds to re-do their parking lot and exterior lighting, upgrade their landscaping, and complete a variety of other renovations and deferred maintenance projects in anticipation of a new pastor arriving in a year or two. Pledges were received in excess of the committee’s original goal, and after the congregation voted to increase the goal, pledges reached over 90% of the revised amount. The experience was intense but gratifying. Please contact the leadership of Desert Palm if you want to discuss their experience with CCS.

Capital Campaign Services [PDF]

UCC Church Building and Loan Fund Website [Link]


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OfficeMax® Retail Connect Card [PDF]