Ministry of the SWC


The Conference Minister and staff provide support to local congregations and clergy, and the ministries related to the current mission emphases of the Conference:

  • Church development and growth.

  • Youth, young adult programs, camping and outdoor activities.

  • Connection and communication.

  • Advocacy for the United Church of Christ as UCC areas of concern.

  • Programs to strengthen local churches.

Tasks of the Southwest Conference

 Ministries to clergy and churches:

  • Assist congregations to find a new pastor or interim leadership.

  • Offer crisis response and conflict management to pastors and churches.

  • Support clergy renewal through continuing education and pastoral care.

  • Celebrate ordinations, anniversaries, installations, and building dedications.

  • Offer consultations and workshops on stewardship, Christian education, evangelism, and long-range planning.

  • Start new churches, nurture them and renew existing congregations with support ministries and leadership subsidies.

Empowerment for ministry and mission:

  • Work through the Board of Directors and the committees to set policies and develop ministries in mission emphases voted by church delegates to the annual meeting.

  • Support campus ministries in the three-state area.

  • Participate in the Arizona Faith Network and the New Mexico Conference of Churches.

  • Encourage local congregations doing hands-on mission.

  • Provide for future leadership of the church through support for Pacific School of Religion, our covenant partner in theological education, and our In-Care Students in seminary.

  • Enable national and world ministries through support for Our Church's Wider Mission.

Youth, young adult and camping ministries:

  • Sponsor summer youth camping program and "Sow the Seed" scholarships.

  • Train camp directors and staff.

  • Provide leadership and youth advisor training events.

  • Offer youth and young adult ministry networking and resourcing for local churches.

  • Send youth and young adults to national and regional youth events.

Southwest Conference Offerings

Sow the Seed: 

This special conference offering is used to provide scholarships for youth to attend youth retreats and camps. Our youth program is one of the best and we don’t want any child to be excluded because of cost. We try not to supplement more than 1/3 of the cost and ask the child’s church and the family to also each pay at least 1/3, but we will work with families in difficult circumstances. This is a great way for churches, especially those with few children, to make a difference in a young person’s life.

This SWC special offering is one of the “7 for 7” offerings that qualify churches for year-end recognition. 

Spread the Word (Southwest Mission Fund):

This special conference offering is used to support new and revitalizing churches. With several new churches beginning and several churches active in renewal efforts, there is great demand for funds for a variety of reasons- salary supplement, supplies, advertising, insurance, training, and more.

Average annual donations to this fund have dropped- just when demand is high. We hope you will be generous.
This SWC special offering is one of the “7 for 7” offerings that qualify churches for year-end recognition.