Do You Want To Connect With The LGBTQ Community?

Rebel & Divine United Church of Christ is a new church in the conference, whose mission and purpose is to support the health and wholeness of at risk lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, questioning, and non-binary youth and young adults. We are a multi-generational diverse community looking to explore what it means to be a postmodern church. Many in our community live below the poverty wage, so every Sunday evening we share a meal together. Rebel & Divine UCC receives food from sponsors, donations, and most importantly other UCC churches. We are grateful for Scottsdale Congregational UCC, Black Mountain UCC, Desert Palm UCC, and Encanto Community Church UCC, for their hospitality in hosting and serving Sunday dinners for Rebel & Divine UCC.  After serving the meal at the conference office at 917 E. Sheridan, all are encouraged to eat with the community and to participate in programming (aka the service).
When other church leaders and clergy connect with members of Rebel & Divine UCC, not only are both communities enriched and served, but God is truly present. This is when, sometimes for the first time, disenfranchised youth and young adults see that there are loving, non-judgmental Christians in the world who love them.

If your church would like to sponsor a meal and is outside the Phoenix area, please consider donating $125.00 (the approximate cost to feed 40 people and provide leftovers to take home).  Make your check payable to Rebel & Divine, UCC, 917 E. Sheridan, Phoenix AZ 85006. If your church is inside the Phoenix area and is interested in sponsoring a Sunday, meal please contact Kelly Kahlstrom at 602-908-5776 after 6:00 pm or Patti Sutherland at 602-568-1432. Come and see the face of God in the LGBTQ community.

Submitted by Patti Sutherland
Scottsdale Congregational UCC Mission Chair
Rebel & Divine UCC Board member