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Postmodern Service 2

One of our EPIC goals for this year is to present quarterly examples of what a “Post Modern” worship experience might look like.  This is the 2nd of these experiences.  The first service received many positive comments and was attended by 30-40 folks from several congregations.  

From Rev. Ken McIntosh, SWC staff for Church Growth and Renewal:

Our second “Postmodern” (or “Alternative”) service will be Thursday, November 5th at 7:00 PM at SWC office. This will be different from the one previous. This will be more “low-tech,” quieter and more participatory. We wish to show that relevant worship doesn’t have to be electronic and media-focused. 

The theme will be “Gratitude.” The event will include a wall of gratitude that everyone will be invited to write on, an altar with symbols of gratitude from the gathered community, classical music, storytelling, and a water ceremony---all united by the common seasonal emphasis on thanksgiving.

This will be a service that any of our churches could take ideas from to incorporate in your congregation’s worship. We hope to see the folks who came to the first postmodern service---and newcomers as well. Please bring with you: an item that symbolizes something you’re grateful for, to lay on an altar (you’ll be able to retrieve it afterward) and also a small container filled with water from a place that is special to you (it will be poured into a common bowl during the service).

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