Prison Industry: Advocating for Justice

"The most eye-opening issue for me is the privatization of prisons. Arizona incarcerates more than 13% of its prisoners in private prisons, which are profit-earning businesses. They have no interest in rehabilitation; the interest is in keeping beds filled. There is a great deal more to this, and I will gladly share a handout we were given.” 

Cynthia Richmond, 
Moderator-Elect, Church of the Red Rocks

From the church's June 2012 Newsletter

At the 2012 Southwest Conference Annual Meeting, delegates approved a resolution recommending study of the private prison industry, authorizes our agents to advocate for justice and an examination of our investments, if any, in the private prison industry. 

SWC Press Release
Abolish Private Prisons [Link]

SWC 2012 Resolution: 
Advocating for Justice in the Prison Industrial Complex

Enlace Institute: 
Information on Enlace’s National Private Prison Divestment Campaign 

Justice Policy institute study: 
Gaming the System

ACLU study
Banking on Bondage