Bold Call for Economic Justice

On October 9-12, 2014, 30 people gathered in the UCC Church House, Cleveland, OH for the Economic Justice Leadership Event. We came representing multiple settings of the UCC -- including lay leaders, clergy, conference representatives, young adults, seminarians, historically underrepresented groups and others – to worship, learn, plan and discern a response to the suffering faced by so many in a world that we know is so blessed by God’s abundance. From this time together, we issue the following Call to join us in this ministry for economic justice. We are grieved by the economic hardships and systemic injustices that harm so many of our sisters and brothers in the U.S. and around the world and deny them the fullness of life that is God’s intention for all people. 

We hear the call to work for a just economic system that provides the opportunity for everyone to thrive and live with security and dignity. 

We envision a just, sustainable and resilient economy dedicated to the common good and to building the beloved community where the work of every person is valued and all share equitably in the abundance of God’s creation. 

We commit ourselves to strengthening the movement for economic justice by proclaiming our vision, partnering with allies, and furthering the work of our churches and communities. 

We invite individuals and organizations to join in this effort. 

Please send an email to with Economic Justice League in the subject line to learn more about how you and your church can get involved. 

Also visit to learn more.