Stirring Things Up in the Southwest Conference

by Rev. Ken McIntosh

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” Hebrews 10:24, ESV

    “Stirring things up “doesn’t always have a good connotation, but I like the Bible verse printed above. Stirring up good change…that’s something we can all get excited about. The Greek word “stir up” is translated KATANAO. Various translations capture it different ways, “spur one another on,” “stimulate one another,” and “encourage each other.” However we translate this idea, what matters is doing it. And that’s what Triad initiatives in the Southwest Conference are about.

    Triads are partnerships between three churches, ideally with three members on a team (pastor plus two) meeting three times in a year to do exactly what that verse says. Our three triads are: 

(1)    Congregational Church of the Valley, Black Mountain, and Scottsdale Congregational
(2)    Flagstaff, Dewey, and Prescott
(3)    Revolution, Silver City, and Yuma

The first two triads meet in real space alternating between churches, and the third meets online. So far, all three triads have had their first meeting in which they shared news of their respective churches, considered the question “If we were unafraid we would…” then brainstormed ideas. Finally, each church devised a plan for action.

What sorts of “love and good works” are in development in our Triad churches?

•    Showing independent films for community discussion
•    Appearing at public events
•    Asking whether all board decisions are “relevant to the next generation”
•    Community Teas
•    Family night midweek program
•    Community panel discussions on topics of theology and public issues

Triads are definitely an experiment in progress and are just a third-of-the-way on their journeys, but already participant churches are coming up with new ideas for local mission. Stay tuned for further adventures as churches stir one another up for love and good works.