Southwest Conference Executive Board


Brief description of duties: 

The Executive Board (EB) will manage the business of the Conference. It will be comprised of the officers and five at large members. It will be a separate and independent body from the Mission & Church Vitality Committee (MCVC) and not a subsidiary body of the MCVC, though it will take strong direction from them to ensure that the assets they manage are utilized for the purpose of our shared mission and long-range goals. 

Primary Purpose:  

To resource the Mission of the Conference and to manage the business of the Conference
Meets six times a year. 


  • Enact and maintain the policies of the SWC

  • Develop priorities consistent with the mission of the SWC 

  • Oversee the work of the Standing Committees 

  • Manage the property and assets of the SWC 

  • Create a search committee in the absence of a Conference Minister, and hire an Interim when needed 

  • Establish the budget for the SWC 

  • Oversee the finances of the SWC 

  • Create and maintain any Temporary Committees or Task Forces needed to do the work of the SWC 

  • Determine the staffing needs of the SWC 

  • Coordinate the programming of the SWC 

  • Establish new churches

Organizational information:

Moderator and Moderator-elect: The Moderator is the chief elected officer of the Conference. This person works in regular consultation with the Conference Minister, must be able to conduct meetings efficiently, have a working knowledge of Conference organization, be sensitive to and aware of differing opinions, and be able to communicate effectively to interpret the work of the Executive Board to the Annual Meeting and other settings. The Moderator should be wise, supportive of individual and group ministries, and express a positive attitude toward the wider church. The Moderator Elect is an ex-officio member of the Personnel Committee. The Moderator is an automatic representative to General Synod. Both are members of the Executive Board. Term of office: 1 year in each position.

Secretary: The Secretary is legally responsible for the records of all Board proceedings of the Conference. This person must be able to make sense of discussions and to summarize effectively in writing. The Secretary works cooperatively with the Conference staff and other officers to accomplish their duties. The Secretary is a member of the Executive Board and should be committed to attending all Executive Board and Annual Meetings. Term of office: 2 years, maximum of 2 terms.

Treasurer: The Treasurer reviews all financial records and is responsible for reporting on income, expenditures, investments and other financial business to the Board and Annual Meeting. The Treasurer assists the Conference Minister and staff in developing and controlling the budget, has a working knowledge of accounting, and should be able to communicate effectively. A sense of Christian stewardship is important. The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Board. Term of office: 2 years, maximum of 2 terms.

At-large Members: A member of the Executive Board must have a commitment to participate in Conference events, a calling to help shape the direction of Conference mission/ministry, and the wisdom and willingness to be an interpreter of the work of the Conference to local congregations. Five Members-at-Large will be elected to serve on the Executive Board. Term of office: 2 years.

Need to contact an Executive Board member? 

Send an Email by clicking on the member's name. For additional contact information, please call the Conference office at 602-468-3830 or 800-822-0821.


John Leung
*Moderator (2020)
First Congregational UCC
Flagstaff, AZ

Rev. Rock Fremont
*Moderator Elect (2021)
Shepherd of the Hills UCC
Phoenix, AZ


Rev. Michael-Ann Veziroglu
*Secretary 2021
Desert Palm UCC
Tempe, AZ

Cynthia Verduin
*Treasurer (2020)
Casas Adobes UCC
Tucson, AZ


Class of 2020

Kyle Koch
Member at-Large (2020)
Oro Valley UCC
Oro Valley, AZ

Rev. Sarah Tevis-Townes
Member at-Large (2020)
Church of the Good Shepherd UCC
Albuquerque, NM


Class of 2021

Rebecca McElfresh
Member At Large (2021)
The Good Shepherd
Sahuarita, AZ

Rev. Carol Reynolds
Member at-Large (2021)
Scottsdale Congregational UCC
Scottsdale, AZ

Rev. Donna Cavedon
Member At Large (2021)
Church of the Red Rocks
Sedona, AZ


* Denotes Officer