EPIC - Year 1 Goals
EPIC - Year 2 Goals

EPIC Goals for Year 2


A year ago, the Executive Board plus representatives from COCAM and the Mission Planning Board met to do some long term planning/visioning.  Out of that weekend retreat came EPIC (Education, Participation, Innovation, and Communication).  These four areas, identified by the retreat members, seemed to be able to focus the mission of the conference.  Goals in each of these categories for Year One were set, and, for the most part, these goals were met.  The Executive Board and other representatives met again this spring to decide if the EPIC acronym still represented our mission, and if so, what would be the Year Two goals.  This is what they came up with:
Education Goals, Year 2

  • Continue to have conference members write an article on the theme of “Interdependence” monthly that can be distributed to churches for their own newsletters.

  • Create a Blog with contributions from the Conference Minister and a variety of other writers from the conference.

  • Create a Guest Speakers Bureau that can be utilized by churches for specific topics.

Participation Goals, Year 2

  • Create 3 Church Triads for mutual support and encouragement in revitalizing and innovation.

  • Increase Annual Meeting Participation by offering 1 free visitor registration to churches.

  • Develop a Networking resource for churches to share talents and resources.

Innovation Goals, Year 2

  • Host a Social Media workshop to assist churches in utilizing social media to expand ministry.

  • Sponsor an “Innovation Laboratory” for research and development in creating sacred space and ministry.

  • Create a set of Webinars available on the website.

  • Present 4 sample “Post Modern” worship services.

Communication Goals, Year 2

  • Encourage local churches to distribute the “In the Loop” conference newsletter to its members.

  • Create a Clergy pre-Loop newsletter to highlight items of importance.

  • Expand the use of the Clergy Facebook page.