EPIC - Year 1 Goals
EPIC - Year 2 Goals

EPIC Goals for Year 1


Education Goals, Year 1

  • Produce a monthly article written by a different person each month on an activity or event in the life of the Conference, and circulate in church newsletters.

  • Every Mission Planning Board representative making a verbal announcement on Sunday morning about a Conference activity or event at least once a month.

  • Complete production of a Video entitled "Why the UCC", and prepare for circulation to all churches. If you were at Annual Meeting, you saw the Intro-teaser to this video.

Participation Goals, Year 1

  • Create a 'Fun Event' at every Annual Meeting (We hit this goal this year, doing our first ever Pastor/Moderator Banquet - and it was a huge success!)

  • Build a Fall Training Event for Church Treasurers

  • Repeat for a second year, with expanded opportunities, the SWC Choir Fest

Innovation Goals, Year 1

  • Produce a series of YouTube videos on various themes.

  • Build a full Social Media workshop.

  • Send three Conference Representatives to an Innovation Training event, and use the experience in Years 2 and 3 to replicate Innovation Laboratories in every region of the Conference.

Communication Goals, Year 1

  • In the Loop distributed not just to churches, but to their membership lists as well.

  • Use In the Loop to post interesting articles from and publicize special events about the Churches of the Southwest Conference.

  • Create Meet-up Spaces online for at least two affinity groups, i.e. Open and Affirming Churches, and Immigrant Welcoming Churches.