Southwest Conference Committees and General Synod Delegates


Committee on Church and Ministry

Committee members deliberate and authorize ministerial and church standing according to the policies and practices of the Southwest Conference and the United Church of Christ. The committee meets 8 or 9 times a year. Members give leadership to ordinations, installations and ecclesiastical councils, are able to maintain confidentiality, have a self-awareness around what is believed about the nature of church and of ministry, a capacity to assess persons’ fitness for ministry and make clear decisions, sometimes in a very difficult situation. Term of office: 3 years

Section A:
Class of 2016
Rev. Jayne Hubbard, Black Mountain UCC, Scottsdale, AZ
Ms. Diana Winston, Scottsdale Congregational UCC, Scottsdale, AZ
Pastor Jessie Sustaita, Iglesia Congregacional la Trinidad, El Paso, TX

Class of 2017
Mr. Pete Norum, First Congregational UCC, Prescott
Rev. David Buss, Rincon Congregational UCC, Tucson, AZ
Ms. Lori Ramsey, Church of the Beatitudes, Phoenix, AZ
Mr. David Huisjen, Casas Adobes Congregational Church, Tucson, AZ

Class of 2018
Rev. Theresa Stirling, Congregational Church of the Valley, Scottsdale, AZ
Rev. Tina Squire, Community Christian, Tombstone, AZ
Rev. David Cooper, Church of the Red Rocks, Sedona, AZ
Rev. Ken Heintzelman, Shadow Rock UCC, Phoenix, AZ

Section B:
Class of 2016
Ms. Margaret Douglas, Oro Valley UCC, Oro Valley, AZ
Rev. Sue Joiner, First Congregational UCC, Albuquerque, NM

Class of 2017
Ms. Cindy Walley, Encanto Community UCC, Phoenix, AZ
Rev. Ric Brightman, First Christian Church DOC/UCC, Las Cruces, TX

Class of 2018
Ms. Marlene Auburn, Church of the Red Rocks, Sedona, AZ
Rev. Paul Whitlock, Desert Heritage, Mesa, AZ

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee members make all nominations for Officers and other elected persons. They should represent the diversity of the Conference; have a clear knowledge of Conference and local church members, the ability to maintain confidentiality, to evaluate people fairly, to articulate the nature of tasks to prospective nominees and to encourage them to be involved. Term of office: 2 years

Ms Debe Knaack, First Congregational UCC, Phoenix, AZ (CAZ 1)
Ms. Barbara Nordlund, Scottsdale Congregational UCC, Scottsdale, AZ (CAZ 2)
Ms. Sandy Znetko, First Congregational UCC, Flagstaff, AZ (NAZ)
Rev. Alberta Wallace, Yuma UCC, Yuma, AZ (SAZ)
Ms. Anita Curtis, St. Paul's UCC, Rio Rancho, NM (NNM)
Mr. Alan Mong, Silver City UCC, Silver City, NM (SNM/EP)

Personnel Committee

The committee members are responsible for the maintenance and administration of the personnel policies, ensuring that the employment, supervision, development, recognition and separation of all Conference employees are fair, uniform and consistent with policy. Members are responsible for the biennial evaluation of the Conference Minister, must be able to maintain confidentiality and to interpret policies and guidelines as they apply to staff. Term of office: 3 years

Rev. Darlene Fuller Rogers, First Christian Church DOC/UCC, Las Cruces, NM
Mr. Ron Schilling, Scottsdale Congregational UCC, Scottsdale, AZ
Ms. Roxanne Maloney, Scottsdale Congregational UCC, Scottsdale, AZ
Ms. Karen Hott, Desert Palm UCC, Tempe, AZ
Staff - Conference Minister

General Synod Delegates

Delegates attend two biennial meetings of the United Church of Christ General Synod over four years. They should be very active in their local church and have demonstrated a genuine interest in the life and work of the wider church (conference and beyond), must be able to handle complex issues and be willing to interpret what happens at the Synod to various settings in the Conference.